The Rec

During the first weeks of Covid-19 lockdown I took to walking my local rec during the dawn chorus and was struck by the vibrant bird call and reduced noise pollution. So I started to take recording gear, leaving the mics on railings, or hung on branches, while continuing my permitted exercise.

The Rec

This 17 minute composition brings together 6 of those recordings. It is bookended by the Norbury Brook, and mainly features birdsong building through the dawn chorus. Trees are given voice by a recording of wind in a stand of horse chestnuts. A jogger passes on the path and distant trains remind the listener we are in the city.

I hope these sounds can be heard by someone who can’t access local green space.

IMG_20200417_161818All recordings and photos from Thornton Heath Rec (North Croydon) 


For Sunniva, separated in lockdown by the waterways of Norbury Brook, flowing downstream the Graveney and Wandle rivers, along the Thames via a first kiss, then upstreaming the Lea. 


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